Where we started

Established in 2010 Vows introduced its original collection of bridal robes to the South African market. Vows soon became the leader in bridal loungewear known for its exclusive prints and feminine aesthetic.  
Was established to capture and touch the imaginations of the style-minded women who have a fondness in creating intimate and memories to last a lifetime with a unique creative direction and attention to detail.
The brand is ever evolving, sourcing inspiration from colour palettes that are trending in fashion industry, drawing inspiration into new designs and ideas.
Based in the small, friendly city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, each item is designed & handmade by our team of local women artisans, dedicated to continuously curating a collection worthy of the modern & whimsical bride with our goal being to introduce others to a completely fresh and modern interpretation of bridal adornments.

Luxury Sleepwear

Luxury Sleepwear - Summer

Our new and exclusive dreamy PJ's are made from a premium 100%... 

Luxury Sleepwear - Winter

Our new and exclusive winter sleepwear sets are made from premium 100%... 

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  • Matt Satin Floral Robes

    Our beautiful satin robes are available with a matching detailed lace trim for elegant beauty. Whether you're changing your name or celebrating the one you've always had, treat yourself with our brand new Vows Essential Collection.

  • Printed Shirts and Sweats

    Cotton T shirts - Order our whisical and fun standard printed shirts, or customize your print to make your wedding day extra memorable.

  • Custom Hangers

    Our customs wooden hangers are available in white or natural colour.